Project= “Design module images” Design Discourse 3

The other module we got was Design Discourse 3 and after doing some research we all soon realised that this was one of the more serious modules on the course. We came up with tons of ideas for the image too including two main ideas; a explosion and a image based on the saying “Not the brightest crayon in the box”. We tried to mix the both together but decided the explosion would be more interesting.


Together we came up with the concept of a explosion, we used art equipment as part, we wanted to show skills that the student has gained and thought these would work as a symbol.





After playing around with the idea, we all agreed the glass shatter effect looked best and we found ourselves thinking of the final dissertation how students use laptops or computers to type it up, we thought it could be the glass shattering of a screen, something to make it less boring and more fun and so created the final image,



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