Build a world! Week 1

This week we where put into groups to work on creating our own world! We started brain storming as soon as possible, without any rules or guidelines it was completely up to us and the idea’s where endless.


We eventually began to narrow the idea’s down and even combined some together. Each where put into groups based on the size of the world.


We started to do research and look up sources for more inspiration and again narrowed it down to our main concepts which are; Mercury ( a world made metal), a world based on sun starships and last but not least a world inside of a body. Each of us decided to come up with more features for each world individually and shared ideas in the following days. I looked into the idea of a world inside of a body but in a non realistic way for example stairs and elevators to different floors in the body.  Below are some sketches I done in my sketchbook;




I started to think how the people/creatures would look like, skinny with bags under their eyes because the body is constantly working, lack of hair and dull skin because of not being in the daylight etc. We took inspiration from the book/ film divergent where people are divided into factions based personalities, for example if you are intelligent you get sent to work in the brain, if you are active and like sports you are sent to work in the arms, legs and feet etc.


The team then decided to look into the metal planet together and started to draw out creatures and features for the planet. How the nature would be, would their be cities? metal monsters? deformed animals? Oceans of melted mercury, how the people/creatures would evolve to the planet? etc. We decided that there would be super hot days and freezing nights, explosive rain/surface, shard mountains, high gravity and acid rain. We took more into consideration as well, would the planet be orbiting a magnatar or blackhole? binary stars? asteroid belts? floating mountains? liquid sky pools full of molten metal?

We began researching actually effects of metal;

Metals like Iridium and Uranium can cause radiation poisoning leading to deformity and mutation. < This would back the idea of a pollution in the water causing it to turn toxic and altering human DNA, although not all humans would make the alteration. Airborne pollution a.k.a dust was another idea.

We looked at different sources as well, and watched a documentary of an underground community in Romania >


And how the drug abuse cased their veins to gain a shiny metallic look.

We gained more sources of underground communities for example in the movie/book the host. We decided that an underground community of humans who served the alteration to the new climate should exist, but due to the nature changing they begin growing some kind of a plant that contains metal as their main food source.

Due to high metal content we took the idea of the metallic looking veins would be an effect, building a second skeleton to the point of turning into a metal exoskeleton. Which would be mentally draining and cause them to go crazy with time; creating the metal monsters. We looked into mercury poising as well and how it can cause impaired vision, hearing and speech. We are now beginning to think of how the monsters could have a sixth sense or something that helps them hunt. Below are some sketches I done based around the characters Callum and Matthew designed in class;

We are also currently looking into the idea based on the sun starships;

>Star system contained within a vast alien spaceship

>The species moves from star system to star system harvesting planets for resources and repairs.

With more possibilities  and idea’s bubbling who knows what the next week will bring!


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