The Maya Presentation

We got straight to brainstorming idea’s for the leg;


We came up with a few main concepts;

>Swing dancing


>Gym exercise class

After we had a nosey at other groups, we noticed a lot of them had similar idea’s and after trying to moonwalk and swing dance one leg (which didn’t work too well) we decided to go with the gym exercise class!


We started to look into body workout’s and how we could incorporate them, pacifically leg exercises.


With the whole gym exercise idea we decided it would be fun to make it into something funny, we started to look at the iconic music video call on me by eric prydz club mix and decided to make a spoof of the music video!


We where told that acting out animations help a lot, with this exercise it was simple enough! Here is some references videos;

We made a to do list on what was needed;


>The information researched for each task


>The final reference film and animation


We showed the research we looked at during each task in the presentation including;

We planned to add in 3 clips of each task, we all agreed on who’s work would be shown. During the presentation we wanted to explain the difficulties each of us had the feedback and outcome. We also wanted to show the gradual understanding each of us came to the 12 principles of animation and using the maya software!


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