Typography – Kepler Ribose National (KRN)

This week everybody was moved table again! I joined Kepler Ribose National! We got a chance to look at typography this week I found it super interesting which is shocking because I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I have! At the start of the week we jumped straight into brainstorming,

We looked at a lot of stuff to begin with! We all posted different title sequence’s we liked and put thought into how it could be re done! Below are some examples;









We all loved the idea of going in a Kyle cooper direction for the opening title sequence!




His title sequence for the t.v series American horror Story was our main inspiration! Live action seemed to be the way foward although we wanted to mix it up a little, to create something Kyle Cooper’ish but with a twist! We started to think of different techniques we could use to create the title sequence, stopmotion came into mind a lot through out the brainstorm and research aspect of the week, so we tried to incorporate it in!

Our main concept was in full swing by the second/third day, it was important to us not to scarp the last teams work, so we tried to stick to their animatic as much as possible! We started to storyboard our idea’s and look at different sources for inspiration;




We all decided that we where going to have to gather resources if we where to pull it off and test things before shooting the final thing! Each of us set off to work on different aspects of the ideas! Kerry and Stephen made amazing models, as seen below;

Another idea was to use shadow’s somehow to create a eery feel! We started to think of bugs, lizards, etc! We tried out using a projector to see if we where to tackle that idea how we would go about it;

We all began creating tester videos for our ideas and made a to do list to work off for the rest of the week and next week!

And of course we looked into typography! Which is what the whole week was based around! Below is a website we looked at which we thought was pretty cool;


We all brainstormed on what way we could create a type and language!

I think we all pretty much loved the idea of creating symbols by joining together letters in different ways!(inspired by tribal symbols, Egyptian markings, cave markings etc) It made sense to us because we could still spell out what we wanted to but now it was in a way that looked alien! So we where set to start putting together type!

We still wanted to stick to our main inspiration (Kyle Cooper’s American Horror story) as well while creating the type! Although we were not to start looking at sound this week we honestly couldn’t help ourselves! We recorded silly things that when put together it should come across unusual and creepy! We didn’t get a proper chance to look into it though, but I’m super excited to this week, as well as putting the final title sequence together!

Below are some other links we’ve looked at during the week;







Below as well are just links to each title sequence for each series of American Horror Story;






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