Feedback and moving on!

Last week after the presentations Alec began showing us polygon modelling! It was very interesting, he shared with us tips and how he usually does things, he recommended researching it into more detail though.

The link above shows the workflow of somebody creating a face using image referencing which Alec mentioned helps a lot! Another link I found useful;

Although it is only the basic’s which Alec had went through!

We where given the task to draw something in our rooms, he mentioned we would be modelling it! I decided on my cupboard;

I tried to get it from different angles! The top and bottom have slight detail as well as the key hole! I wanted to pick something simple and basic because it would be my first time doing polygon modelling but I know the small details add a slight challenge which is always good!

We had another class today and where told our final feedback on the presentations! 2:1! Which I’m really happy about, Alec said we had good references and it was well organised but we needed more sketches, we needed to show our problem solving more clearly and we spoke about things we done and tried but it was not seen in the actual presentation! I personally think we done well! I mean we all thought about the time scale we had to present, that’s why we probably didn’t add as much as other groups in the presentation! I guess we just need to figure out simple ways to show things instead of the layout we had.

We where also told our next maya task, which is to start creating the furniture in maya! We have to create a room using everybody’s furniture in the group! And we where encouraged to look into actual artist’s who use polygon modelling for character design for example.

Yuanyuan introduced us to the history of animation today as well! I really enjoyed it, I didn’t think I would find it as interesting as I did, I was worried about started it because I knew we will have to write a assay for the module, but I’m excited!

Today we looked at modernist european animation; Pioneers and abstract Animation in Europe!

It was all about the art movement at the end of the 19th century and 20th century, (cubism, futurism, surrealism)

It was breaking out of conventional art and whats more unconventional than trying to mix painting and film together like Léopold Survage tried but never finished!!

Walter Ruttmann was thought to be the first animator and screened his first film in 1921!


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