Typography and Sound! Week 2

This week we got straight to business! We planned out a shot list and got straight into shooting the title sequence




Oisin’s friend Matthew was really nice to let us use his digital SLR camera! (as seen above in the photos) we began sticking to the shot list and the original plan we all agreed on but during the filming we just mixed it up and went off topic for what looked well and what didn’t which lead to some amazing footage, I guess we where lucky!



We kept in mind while filming; composition, where the type would fit in nicely and how we can maybe edit. We watched through the footage together and picked out things that could be layered in after effects, what would look good sped up, and over all what would make the final cut in our title sequence.


We decided that final cut pro was the best to edit on, each of us gave honest opinions and what needed to change throughout the process, we where constantly refining the final sequence until in our eyes it was perfect! We then started to look into the sound and title placement, using garageband was a lot of fun, we did testers the following week on sounds that would fit nicely in the project but when it finally came down to it we mostly used free sound effects. We didn’t want to use music but more a collaboration of different sounds that clashed against each other to create something odd and eerie! Which was the main aim of our title sequence to convey that kind of emotion.


As well as the footage we filmed, we incorporated the animation of the alien eye and added in sketches as well done by Kerry and Natasha inspired by Leonardo Davinci’s anatomical drawings!


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