Polygon Modelling and Animation history

So I finally got round to starting polygon modelling based on the sketch of the cupboard;

It was easy enough to get the basic shapes as seen above! But the more detailed parts such as the top of the wardrobe and the feet where definitely challenging! I’m still not sure if it is as good as it could be, or if I figured out another way to do the detail  it would probably be better but I’m pretty happy with the outcome because it was difficult even though Alec made it look so simple!

I found this free lance animator while searching for tips and tricks on how to make things simpler, I thought her work in general was really cool although it doesn’t seem like she’s done a lot of polygon modelling;


Today we where told that this week is basically the final week of design discourse, which is sad because I find it fun and interesting! We have a presentation due monday of our work since the last presentation and a showreel to create but other than that we haven’t much else to do! But then that leaves time for the history aspect.

Today we looked at middle and eastern european animation! It was super interesting like last week but I struggled to get down notes because a lot of info was told and shown! We looked at the Zagreb School of Animation, Dusan Vukotic, Viking Eggeling and Hans Richter, Oskar Fischinger and finally Len Lye!

Below are some links I’ve been reading up to get a better understanding of what we went over;







And I’ve also started to think of a title for the essay! I really like the old experimental animations, trying new things and not sticking to the popular mainstream animation! I was thinking, experimental vs commercial animation? But it might be too wide so I’m going to try and narrow it down in someway.


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