Kepler Ribose Interactive

This week we where given the task to create something interactive for our planets, still being on Kepler Ribose we got straight into brainstorming!

We looked into what interactive design is, how we could go about creating something based around Kepler Ribose National and silly idea’s that we came up with gradually and also started to look a different games, apps and things that have already been done before!

We finally all agreed on the concept of a interactive tour! The main story line was that in the future whenever the disease that starts to take over in the animatic of kepler ribose, the extinction or near extinction of the species dies and the ship crashes, the user will be able to go on a interactive tour around the ruins of the ship and find clues and lost messages on how the destruction of Kepler Ribose came to be! (we loved the sketch feel to things as well and took this as a inspiration, especially the whole feel to it and how the final thing should look) (another example of the sketchy feel) (one of our main inspirations)

we loved the idea of showing the nature taking over the ship, like in ruins above is a link to the Pinterest board we created with ideas of abandoned buildings and ruins!

We loved the feel of our title sequence and wanted to stick with the eerie feel! We decided the colour scheme was to be very simple like the title sequence using similar colours and the idea of the sketchy artwork originally came from the anatomy drawings we had in the titles and then we found the links above! We decided that there was to be one main character who left messages, clues, notes, video diaries, etc and you would follow his journey through out the tour. We made a plan, a to do list of what needed to be done this week and next! We also decided our three main scenes that we would show as a example on how the tour would work! We dove straight in and started to designing the scenes;

We’ve got them out in photoshop and are to be layered to get a 3D effect in after effects! I’m super excited to see how this will come out in the new week!


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