The last Week of Design Discourse

I can’t believe we’ve finished the module! On the last few days of the module until now I began to look more into the history of animation for the written essay aspect, although my goal was to research into experimental animation I strayed off it after watching Wallace and Gromit. I have always had a huge interest in stop-motion animation, the thought of looking more in depth into it seemed exciting. For the essay I decided on the title;

The progression of stop-motion animation; will it continue?

It will obviously, but I wanted to look at modern stop-motion and purpose the question what is the future and not only the past for this topic.

After hitting the library and using online books, journals and website I collectively had more than enough resources to help me. I really enjoyed watching all the old stop motion videos, some of which I linked to the blog, because of the word limit I couldn’t use all the research and stop-motion animations I found but I thoroughly enjoyed writing the essay.

On the final day of design discourse, we done our presentation on modelling in maya and on everything we’ve learnt on animation history.

I think it went okay, every group’s presentation was the same because we’ve all been taught the same thing. It felt repetitive because we where just repeating what was already said.  The presentation itself is available below;

and my official speech I prepared ;


Looking into 3D artist’s was really fun! I loved looking at Toni Bratincevic’s work.  His official website is linked below, his work shows what’s actually can be  accomplished in maya with time and practice!


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