Imaging and data visualisation Week 1

Beginning this module is scaring me..

Last week we were given a introduction to the wonders of the imaging and data visualisation module. It seems to be more technical then any module before although it’s still too early to say. What is it? It’s everything and anything, it’s covering simple and not so simple processes, software problems, “a how to do..” kind of module, things that will probably come incredibly helpful in the future.

We were also given the our first task due in week 7, to gather as much data about Belfast as possible and then design a floating building for the population to live in comfortably. The interior must be furnished, and the final model should be rendered with a 360 view.

I know I will find the modelling stressful but I’m pretty excited to get cracking! I’ve already started  to brainstorm with my team on things that we could include in the building, things we should take into consideration for example, hospitals, public services, energy sources, food and water sources, etc. We’ve also arranged as a group to go on a Belfast tour bus! Nothing is set in stone as of yet but I’m sure within the next week we’ll have it our main plan and a to do list ready! Below are some links I’ve already come across;–


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