15 Second Animation! Week 1

Me, Courtney, Aidan and Tasha have formed a team!

We got together to discuss the basic’s for this week, idealisation, forming the team and finding our inspirations.


After exploring many idea’s and watching tons of youtube video’s we came up with our main idea’s for the project;

  1. Marshmallow

With the theme soft and hard I think marshmallow’s would be the likely link. There’s a lot that can be done around this simple object as a character. We had the idea of putting a skewer through it and roasting it on a fire, so it becomes burnt and hard. But soon realised this had already been done before but in a different medium;

There was also a idea that the marshmallow could be left over from the packet, and end up not getting ate therefore turning stale.  I started to think of how it could be animated and rigged, the flour sack came into mind as well as the bouncing ball rig task we did on the first week of the module. Some doodle’s I done thinking of how the marshmallow would react if it were to squash and stretch for example;

marshmallow 1 marshmallow 2 marshmallow 3

When drawing this character I thought about the simplicity of it but still trying to give it character.

2. The rock and feather

A really basic idea of a feather falling on to a rock.  With Yuan teaching us about film form last week we wanted to add in a twist plot so as the feather lands on the rock, the rock crumbles up to bits. I also had the idea of having the rock as a character that panics as the feather comes closer and tries to blow it away in fear.

3. Sheep and clouds

Another idea was of a sheep or lamb jumping through clouds but ends up falling through, although I thought to add to that; the clouds could be bouncy and when he lands on a grey cloud it won’t be bouncy so he continues to jump and ends up falling through as the cloud bursts into rain.

We also had a good few other ideas, like bread becoming toast, a business man “hard man” shouting and his staff but then going home to become a softy with his wife and kids, a idea based around a hedgehog and many others!

As for style we all pretty much agreed on a creepy grunge style as well as mixing 2D and 3D animation. We really really liked “The Blackwater Gospel” and are using it as our main style inspiration along side, The Tale of Three Brothers in Harry Potter and Wildebeest by Birdbox Studio.

Based around those I came up with basic concept art, trying to make it like Blackwater the most;

rock + feather sheep blackwater

As well as that we found so pretty cool links that will help us when we finally decide which concept to do and the making behind The Blackwater Gospel;



On top of things i’ve also started creating a mood board for inspiration;



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