15 Second Animation Week 2+3!

Getting the ball rolling we decided that the rock and feather concept would be the best to go for because if it’s simplicity. The feedback we were given on the previous presentation was the sheep in the clouds and the rock and feather were the favourite idea’s. We thought about how about going modelling these both idea’s and ended up choosing the rock and feather over modelling a sheep character. Over these two week’s we had to create a storyboard and animatic for our concepts.

Looking into research about animatics I found out animatic’s in general are animated storyboards.

“They used to only be produced by filming or videotaping storyboards but over the past ten years animatics are produced with the aid of computer animation (2D or 3D).”

“Storyboards are the breakdown of the narrative, a series of frames. Usually the first step to illustrate a visual to a scene and attempt to conceptualise it’s workings.”

“Next step is the animatic. Digitally drawn, sometimes separate to allow animation using a concept called tweening. Sound effects and music are often added as well to establish timing for dialogue and make sure everything fits within the allotted time.”


I thought it was pretty cool seeing how a animatic show’s what to expect from the final animation or film and then seeing the final product;

“A tool that bridges the gap between a idea and the final idea, how to put it together and hopefully get a feel for the final idea. A way to layout the timing, pacing and visuals of the entire thing without having to create it in a really refined way.”

“The animatic is a very important part of the journey from script to screen and yet you’re unlikely to see or hear anything about it.”



Really interesting to see the difference between different animatic and how each person or company had a different style or way of creating them, some more detailed and other’s the basic’s;

and again referencing The Blackwater Gospel;

After discussing with my group on how our narrative should be laid out, it was agreed that we would all individually create our own versions of what we would expect;

a quick sketch feel for the idea in my head, I wanted to make the rock more of a character, making it run away from the feather!

From that we started on our animatic, in agreement of the same narrative we split the to do list between us, I myself was in charge of colouring the sketches given to me from Tasha.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 21.25.26 1606836_898003073555327_6725238672462158901_n

Before beginning the next stage I took a step back and began to think about the setting, the intro to The Blackwater Gospel came to mind and I found myself thinking of the rock lying under neath power lines!

background idea_2

Looking into colouring was fun! Re-watching The Blackwater Gospel again and again helped a lot.


Trying to achieve the grunge style was pretty hard but I used grunge texture’s and scrounged paper texture’s also helped!4525280281_a7597af841_m grunge_brushes_9 grunge-texture-design1 grunge background with copy space for your text texture-5

I noticed how the lighting shined in rays I tired to re-create it but I’m still not sure with the experiment;

practice practice_2

From this I also started a colour scheme to base each on the drawings on to keep consistency;

colour pallet

After finishing up on the colouring of the animatic and trying to keep it as close to our inspirations as possible, I sent it off to the next person for editing!

Looking into the presentation next I started to lay out what should be added into it to keep it short sweet and simple;

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 20.03.09 Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 20.02.54 Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 20.02.46

Adding in the research I found, the experimentation I did and a recap of the 1st week seemed the way to go.

Below is the final animatic;

On the day the presentation was changed by other members and their stuff were added. The feedback we were given was that we were having problems with our narrative, so for now it’s back to the drawing board!


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