Belfast sky at night – Solar System

Gearoid Hamilton recently set up a Facebook page for astronomy lovers! He is astronomer from west Belfast and after much success on Facebook he has recently started a project to gain interest and educate adults and kids on the solar system and the galaxy’s around us. One of many of his idea’s is to create a film with facts and information for kids and a more advanced informative one for adults. He has asked for my help in creating this 3D tour video of the solar system!

Link to Facebook;

After meeting Gearoid and his friend Sean Paul who will also be apart of the project, we started to brainstorm his concept and look for inspirations. Many of which were on youtube;

The main concept at the minute is that the film would begin with the big bang and then slowly move into our solar system as it is formed. Figuring out which software would be best, we decided that it would be a mix of 3D and 2D animations, the actual tour would be 3D and the other effects at the minute will be done in after effects, below are some other video’s we found which were pretty interesting and helped a lot to put the idea into motion;

With this all in mind I think I need to do more personal research myself to get the perspective right before beginning this project, looking at Brain Cox – Wonders of the solar system for inspiration and research, along with many others!


One thought on “Belfast sky at night – Solar System

  1. Gearoid Hamilton (Belfast sky at Night) says:

    Some amazing videos on here the ideas you have for the solar system video are brilliant. Cant wait for the finished product and i think it will turn out amazing with your personal touch on it. Thank you very much for taking your time to help with this video and putting it all together. Gearoid Hamilton (Belfast sky at Night)

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