Modelling a head

The beginning of a new project is always exciting!!

Getting started Callum agreed to shaving and taking photo’s of his head from different Angles; (Thanks Callum!)

11074299_642546202544897_1151788093_n11088121_642546102544907_1866056908_n (1) 10335932_642546125878238_1143680810_n 11072273_642546222544895_610681834_n 11082684_642546129211571_274075059_n 11082697_642546155878235_1685603119_n 11087424_642546142544903_1994576644_n 11088121_642546102544907_1866056908_n 11092618_642546172544900_1257644261_n 11096649_642546112544906_1236768724_n 11096755_642546162544901_1655414298_n 11096957_642546209211563_704896214_n 11106528_642546115878239_1424519711_n 11117742_642546119211572_1604042812_n 11117764_642546135878237_1930215630_n

With these images as reference’s hopefully i’ll be able to model him to photo perfect!

Before beginning I want to get into research first and how to actually go about modelling this. In class topology was mentioned a lot and how it is important to have good topology, this link below is the one used in class to show the difference topology can make;

“Because topology and edge loops play an important part in building up the head volume,face’s characteristics as well as make up what our head model can do/deform in animation.Unlike other parts of character, the head have much more screen time with many close up shots that involve complex facial expression animation like: smile, sad, anger…etc all bring up different shapes and deformations stages of the face.
With a good and smart topology, it is possible for our head model to be able to deform well into to any realistic expression. if we have a messed up topology, our head model can not do a single facial animation and even if it can, the expression will look very un-natural and distorded badly or require alot of heavy skining/ deform rigging work. Another plus plint is that nice topology will also make it possible to build the model with less geometry but still look realistic and accurate yet easy to edit and maintain.”

Pretty good explanation of why it is important in modelling. A lot of thought about muscles and bone structure has to take place before beginning too and it was recommended that we draw over the face or a image of the face of what the topology should look like, we were also tipped to stay away from triangles! The link below was also a good insight on how to go about this project;

This link was also a pretty good read although it applies in general and not only this project;

I found this website which is pretty cool, it gives you (free of charge) 7 lesson video’s on mesh topology, including one on heads;

On the polycount website there was also this index sort of thing which basically gives you all information and examples on the different topologies there are;

This website below is pretty informative on the muscles in the head, it’s pretty cool with the interactive feature it has;

Another link of face muscles;

I think this one will be super useful as well as it gives a 360 rotation muscles;

I’m really excited to begin this project!


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