Let’s get jiggy with it

15 second animation in 4 weeks is a great way to get back into the animators mind frame..

For the first week we have completely gave all into ideation because a good narrative or concept is key. We all bundled together and got cracking!


Although we came up with ton’s of idea’s our favourite’s were pretty clear;

The Tale of a Giraffe who’s neck never grew

I personally love this idea, we’ve started to look into story boards for this one. Our main references for this at the moment are;

Melman from Madagascar for movement and even on the design.


I love the idea of making him more quirky rather than realistic, the main narrative at the moment is two giraffes eating food up high in the treetops but the leftovers are falling slowly down, as the camera pans the giraffe with the small neck comes into view as he jumps for the leftovers. It’s still rough and will probably change but I think the group are on board with the idea in general.

More animations we looked at;

Another favourite idea was this

Groot like character from Guardians of the Galaxy, trying to catch sun rays!

Kerry mentioned the idea of compositing and showed us this;

but some people are advising us that it will take a lot of time and we only have 3 weeks left. But if we were to continue with this idea it would hopefully be visually beautiful but then again we hope whatever we finally decide will be visually beautiful!

Wish us luck!


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