Update on the past week

A lot has happened in the past week since my last post! We began looking into concept art and storyboards for our two favourites

giraffe_2 giraffee

Above our some concept art I through together at the time and below is a story board for another narrative other than a giraffe who’s neck never grew;

storyboard 1 storyboard2 storyboard3

And again below was our narrative for the some plant creature in the forest;

forest_1 forest 2


From this we presented our narrative idea’s to the class and everybody looked the small neck giraffe but we were also give the feedback to go more into depth with the character design’s, have a updated animatic (which Kerry done) and maybe the narrative of it too slightly.

The group took it upon us to start with research! So we went to the zoo!

I made this short video above for some fun, directed by yours truely and Kerry!

It was actually a really nice way to see how they move and look up close!

From that over the weekend I have been working on more in depth character’s!

12092478_1081418835232446_567209391_n giraffe 2

I’ve given both giraffe character’s personality traits and maybe a narrative of their own, how Olive the girl giraffe is in love with Carlos the lazy male giraffe but her affections are completely ignored. I think it would be helpful to make a narrative so we could personalise their behaviour when animating. I also got the chance to move Carlos to the screen in a more detailed image.

12092478_1081418835232446_567209391_n 12092513_1081463738561289_1251346060_n giraffe 1

Starting to think about the scenery now also. I had the idea of the giraffes standing under a plant like tree and when the camera pans out you realise that the tree they are standing under is actually a plant next to a massive tree, again playing on the big and small theme but I’m not sure if it’s taking it too far! But we’ll wait and see…


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