A steamy beginning

A new beginning with a new project!

The next project we were given is;

a modelling project – which we have to base off a piece of concept art.

a animating project – different animations such as a walk cycle, running,                                              getting up and off a seat and possibly facial.

and a chosen project which I picked compositing!

Here I’ll be posting about the modelling part, in which we’re building a scene.

Getting straight into it Me, Ryan, Shannon and Stephen have joined together.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 20.33.56.png


Straight off the bat I loved the idea of doing something in the style of steampunk! Luckily so did my group!!

After brain storming we finally came to a decision on the scene we want to model;

small narrow cobbled streets with maybe a train tracks included, and in the middle of these 3 streets is like a circular square with a signpost, everything would be really detailed and thought of.

Here are some concepts that I personally love;


Its done by a artist – ZERG118 on Deviant Art



By artist Sparth – ArtStation



By artist Paul Lasaine


Also while traveling through Europe over the summer, I went to see the hundertwasser haus while in Vienna!

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the artist had designed the building seen below;


I’m not sure if it’s very clear but on the right side of my photo you can see that the cobbled path is raised. The paving wasn’t flat! I would love to incorporate this into our scene somehow! I think this building as a whole will also be a inspiration for me when coming up with concept art for this scene.


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