Animating Week 1

The next project we were given is;

a modelling project – which we have to base off a piece of concept art.

a animating project – different animations such as a walk cycle, running,                                              getting up and off a seat and possibly facial.

and a chosen project which I picked compositing!

Here I’ll be posting my progress in the animation part of this project.

Looking into walk cycles to begin with, I started to look at how others had animated this;

And also at other random animation tests;

Although never animating a walk cycle I knew I wouldn’t achieve the same level of animating as the video’s above!

I looked at break down images of walk cycles for help

-such as Richard Williams break down;


I know his book The Animators Survival Kit will come in handy for this task!

So I then tried to make my first ever walk cycle, seen above!

Constantly looking for feedback per usual to improve it, I posted in our degree page and got the following feedback;

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 21.19.17Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 21.19.51

Taking friends and teachers feedback onboard hopefully I’ll be able to improve her!


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