A lightbulb suddenly appeared


Over the weekend Alec shared some of Pablo Gonzalez Bellozas work with me. Below is;

The house that rolled 

It reminded me of our last project based around the style of steampunk.

I pretty much fell in love with the model and style, and excitedly created mood board on Pinterest of similar work;

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.19.46.png

I found myself sketching out different model ideas, I messaged Alec about the idea of creating something similar for my showreel! He agreed that it was a good idea, so I’m currently working on concepts for the piece. Alec suggested to also look into rendering with Renderman and shared this with me;


I think it’s a great opportunity to learn how to use Renderman and hopefully get a awesome model and turntable for my showreel!


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