Cover Letter research and Getting a url

Writing a good cover letter is extremely important. A cover letter is usually the first bit of contact, the first taste of YOU the employer reads. A cover letter allows you to target the job and employer that advertised. It should explain as to why you should be employed, why you want to work for them and why you’re the best fit. Below are some more informative website articles I found researching what and how a cover letter should be written;

A few points where mentioned in class;

  • Personalized to each company
  • Dear [insert carefully researched name here]
  • I love your work on “insert film/game/etc. here”
  • ‘I like doing this’. Show the company what aspects of the industry that you are interested in.
  • I would be a good fit for your company because…

So our next big thing was to create our own website! Or to get a move on anyway with it. Using Weebly I created this;

It still needs a lot of work but it’s a starting point…


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