Week 1 – Putting your best foot forward

Week 1 has basically been a introduction and overview of the module creative enterprise! This semesters module will be split between guest speakers and a lecture with Greg on how to get employed. Getting a insight on how to market yourself. I’ve always found it pretty hard to sell myself as a creative, there will always be somebody bigger and better! But it’s not all about being the best, or maybe it is.. but being passionate, friendly, hardworking and the best person you can be helps a lot because who would you rather hire? A genius in the field that refuses to work with others and hides away or somebody who gets along with people, gets the job done to a high standard, somebody who is driven and eager to learn along the way!

By the end of the semester we should have;

  • A showreel
  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Website

We will also get a mock interview and networking opportunities through out the year.  Greg gave us a over view of each aspect and what to expect and important dates to remember. Most importantly we have to be ourselves! Market us, we’re all individuals and bring different qualities and skills to the table! We just have to remember to;

  • “Don’t be a dick”
  • Take direction
  • Keep your reel up to date
  • Keep networking
  • Keep learning
  • Constantly look for opportunities
  • Keep up with blogging
  • Work at work, staff off Facebook and other social networks.

As for networking we’ll have the chance to;

  • Online networking
  • Face to face
  • Toody Threedy
  • Business cards are recommended
  • Look into NI Screens
  • Facebook
  • Always be prepared

For interviews;

  • Arrive early
  • Bring sketchbooks
  • Be confident
  • Bring hard copies of your work
  • Expect the worst – no internet
  • Bring laptop/PC/tablet/USB
  • Don’t wear a suit

Be yourself but fit in, be a team player and most importantly be organised, be on point.Taking our 12 week placements as a starting point on how to be professional, preparing us for our year placement.



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