Soon the whole room was copying Claude’s wiggly, jiggly dancing…

First thing this week was writing the feedback and notes from the review before the weekend up on Frame IO for the creative team, Frame IO is a collaborative workflow platform. It allows users to upload, review, and share videos privately with other collaborators, which is super handy for Claude or any project really! Moving on and creating title pages for the locked in final draft scripts for the first three groups on Claude.

Because Lily’s Driftwood Bay is being pushed out the door I went back and helped Rebekah create BITEC export of scripts and music que sheet notes. This was so confusing to begin with but I think I finally got the hang of it, it’s just very pernickety and time stealing writing in the timing for each dialog and song per episode.

I got to sit in on another review this week also!! It was the exact same process as last week except the emphasis was on the characters more than locations and props like last week. Writing up on frame IO again and sharing with the creative team and preparing hard copies of the concepts for Tim to see before the review.

I then sat out to create audio packages to send to China for Lily’s Driftwood Bay. I got the chance to work with Andrew and he was kind enough to show me his work flow and what’s important with editing audio, explaining how stems work and what how he uses them;

Stem-mixing is a method of mixing audio material based on creating groups of audio tracks and processing them separately prior to combining them into a final master mix

So stealing the left and right dialog stereo stems on the first 26 episodes of the second season and creating folders dividing them into context using the 201 for example (season two/episode number) naming convention.

I got chatting with Rebekah this week also and I think we’re going to start a side project together to keep up our creative skills. (Hopefully within the next two weeks)


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