Week one at Sixteen South!!!

This week was my first week working in Sixteen South with Megan and Rebekah. I felt straight at home having had worked with Colin and Michelle in our last semester, also meeting with other UU Students as soon as I arrived probably helped calm the first day nerves.

First time working in production I didn’t know what to expect, Megan gave me a quick tour of the studio and made it clear where I would be placed and what I will be working on – Claude.  She introduced me to the creative team and set me up with a desk and computer.

I got to try my new work email address too – aisling@sixteensouth.tv

which is so so so exciting!!!

Jumping straight in I helped Ben clear space on the servers, because all animation in house is animated on cell action, it exports a different file version every time you save which means there is a whole pile of files not needed that are taking up space. Lily’s Driftwood Bay Season 2 is now being spent! So… I got to deleting….


I then briefly helped check some of the episodes in the next batch to see if changes were made and to spot any mistakes, including blocked animation, audio, lighting and continuity. Talking with Ben was really interesting, he give me such a insight into how he ended up at Sixteen South! Liam came in further in the week also to help with the last push to get the episodes out the door. I lent a further helping hand and took the changes spreadsheets and final fixes, compared them to the versions mentioned to make sure the latest version was available for Andrew to find easily.

Because the season is coming to a end there is a lot of archiving to be done.

“Boring but important”

Before Megan, (the production manager at Sixteen South) came back, the past production manager had archived using soft and hard copies but over the year it got pretty mixed up. Taking a list of the episodes of second season I looked through the hard and soft copies to see what was missing and what needed to be brought online, the hard copy folders were a mess so I reorganised them by number too. Megan mentioned to me that she wants to have everything archived on the server rather than hard copies so animators, editors etc etc can access the same files at the same time, and also share updated versions. Seeing the amount of preparation for each episode is shocking; scripts, camera scripts, camera drawings and storyboards, not including the amount of changes each piece probably went through before getting to this point.

Within my time here at Sixteen South I’ll be predominantly working on Claude.


Based on a loved best selling children’s series  by Alex T Smith, Claude will hit Disney Junior in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


It’s so exciting to be a part of this project. My first experience in the industry being a production assistant on such a massive project is amazing. Reading through the scripts and familiarizing myself with the story lines on different episodes and shorts was essential.  Working around the creative team is such a insight into how the industry is, the team are honestly really great and the amount of refining and detail that is put into everything is exciting. I got to do my first review this week also.

Sitting in with the director Tim and art director Angie was so exciting! Going through each of the concepts to date, ranging from basic to intermediate. Seeing the progress thats been made and what direction needs to be taken is very interesting. Also discussing what way the production should run in house, possibly creating sub teams and constantly passing work along with feedback until finished. The storyboard artist are really pushing the team for artwork, along with the crew in Canada so it’s been decided to pass along intermediate pieces but making it clear that they are placeholders and not finalised. Having the whole of Sixteen South collectively behind every decision and for them to drive the project, not the project or crew driving them was mentioned a few times, alone we are strong but together we are stronger! Tim, Angie and Megan are now creating a process of short term deadlines for the crew so they can create packages for sending out by certain dates.

By the end of the week I jumped on to creating asset lists for the first two episodes of Claude – “Welcome to Pawhaven” and “Matchmaker”. Sarah had already began this but Megan wants it to be online on smartsheet, it will be protected and easily accessed for everyone working on Claude. Rebekah and I got stuck in, characters, props and locations for both episode also including anything notes on any specific details that needed to be changed or in scene such as important props, costumes etc.

Week 1 finished! Much more to come….


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