Claude couldn’t help but noticing although the tent was very exciting, it was also very untidy and quite grubby in places…

Week 9! – 05/12/16

Continuing on at the beginning of this week with the pressing deadline for the BITEC export scripts and music que sheets, were major priority! Because of the problems with the Claude scripts, after finishing it seemed like second nature to cross check all of the scripts title pages, headers and footers, production numbers and music que sheets to make sure all was correct.

Noticing that there had obviously been some miscommunication with the music que sheets, each song should either have РBI (Background instrumental) VI (Visual  instrumental) BV (Background vocal) VV ( Visual vocal) or T (Theme) ET (End theme).

In the beginning of each episode of Lily’s Driftwood Bay the same five songs are usually played, in most of the music que sheets they were recorded as themes (T) but in some they were recorded as background instrumentals (BI). Cross checking this with Megan, she decided that they should be recorded as background instrumentals, so updating all of the music que sheets that I wrote to date with these changes and then in the scripts. It was also brought to my attention that if there ever was a visual vocal, the actor or actress needed to be credited, again changing each sheet accordingly.

More minor tasks came to front – the weekly routine of updating the episode asset sheets for Claude, emailing out feedback and taking note of whats been missed/ approved. Creating the breakdown and sending it to Megan and Rebekah! Towards the end of the week Colin and Tim had arrived back from London and had a review day with the design team. Sitting in and taking not of whats been approved and noted feedback it seemed like everything was finally being pushed out the pipeline door after the build up of the past two weeks. Back to highlighting scripts obviously too! Double checking everythingggg!!!!

I was asked to help out over the weekend at a children’s event for Lily’s Driftwood Bay this week also, being the photographer!! It was all pretty exciting but unfortunately I fell ill on the friday and couldn’t leave the house until the following week, luckily we went through the printing process with the images on Thursday and I had left my camera, charger and memory card in the office so Ant and Rachelle had free use of it!




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