“Claude had never sailed a bathtub on the ocean before”

This week we had a design meeting on the importance of naming conventions on each of the props/characters/locations/costumes! It was also mentioned in the meeting that we should be adding dates to when things are reviewed/approved and who by! The chain pipe should go – Angie then once approved – Tim and Colin and then with their approval on to Disney! And again, like a machine working – if there is feedback. Megan also clarified who gets what when not only in regards to design like I mentioned above but also for scripts/storyboards/animatics and animation. Since it will fall into my hands or Rebekah’s to keep track and to know when something should be sent and who to; I’m holding on to the hand out/ breakdown Megan created to keep up!

After the meeting Megan asked if I could update Frame IO in regards to what was mentioned during the meeting; I went through everything ever uploaded and organised it into categories;

Characters > Main characters/secondary characters/ costumes

Locations > Each location by name> each view within that location

Props > Each episode and short > each prop used in that episode/short

Also making sure each template and file name had the correct production number and naming convention! Double checking that each asset list was up to date then updating the master asset list accordingly. Checking that everything on Frame IO was reviewed and had notes and removed anything unnecessary.

After I got this finished I went through Colin’s weekly review package and updated the asset lists accordingly and added anything missed to the next package! Sending out individual emails to each of the design team about the feedback on their work and updating the master asset list.

I sat in with Rebekah on how she creates the storyboard packs for Canada because she was leaving for Paris before the next one! It was very basic, just making sure everything from the asset list is there with the write naming conventions.

I also started to move things into the “Writers” folders on Frame IO – which now includes everything that has been approved so far!

As routinely I sat in with the review with Tim and Angie, taking notes – uploading – commenting feedback – creating the package for Colin – updating the asset sheets on anything Tim approved or gave feedback.

I started to notice problems with the master asset list in regards to props, it is still a working progess on how the sheet should work but I’ve started to add sub menu’s to different props for example – Denzel’s van would sell different merchandise so now there is sub category for the different types of merchandise! (hopefully that makes sense…)

I also downloaded some of the dubbing mixes for Lily’s Driftwood Bay! It was pretty funny hearing Lily speaking in Mandarin!!!



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