He takes his beret out from underneath his pillow and pops it on his head, then he decides what adventure he is going to have that day…

Continuing with the voice recording scripts this week again, focusing majority of time on Claude. Rebekah really pushed double/ triple checking every script for every character in case things were missed! So following up with that I decided to push forward and cross reference the recordings for every character against the scripts, creating a sheet and gradually updating what was recorded or missed! As you can probably tell this was a pretty time consuming task but it was actually very exciting to put a voice to the face!!

During the week Ant had to leave to get a operation on her eye, so I had to take over the reception the last two weeks before the christmas holidays, trying to focus on the production work more was obviously important but on top of the workload I got the experience of reception work! Greeting guests for meetings/interviews, taking calls and passing along messages, signing for parcels, booking flights/accommodation and taxi’s/ ordering in supplies for the office, you kind of get the idea..

Things seemed to slow down a lot compared to the past 3 weeks at Sixteen South! I think everything was slowly coming to a break,

3 more days in the final week before christmas!


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