“Sir Bobblysock helped by sitting on a swizzly office chair with a clipboard and made sure everyone did everything properly”

First thing first, this week was the regular routine of updating the asset sheets per episode and again sending emails out to the design team and making note to add anything missed into the next package for Colin. Unfortunately both Tim and Colin weren’t in the office at all this week because they were in London over seeing the voice recordings. Because of this the weekly review was pretty simple, I uploaded the images for review and created two packages for Tim and Colin!

The newest character designs came into the studio this week too! I got the lucky opportunity to share them with the design team and animation directors. Some more minor tasks this week like sending approved scripts off to Dalton. Uploading Mrs Highkick spins hand tests to Frame IO for approval asap!

Apart from the minor tasks here and there,  which really aren’t all the interesting or much to talk about! I continued to highlight scripts for the recordings. Early on in the week Megan and Laura spoke with us about problems and mistakes that were made, problems with wrong names on the script covers so I adjusted the server file names to the correct titles to keep myself right and mended the title pages of the scripts following the meeting. There was also so more talk of the things not being highlighted correctly so I reminded Megan of the problem I was having and spoke with the technician but nothing was done, I continued to power on through because there was new characters to be recorded everyday for the next two weeks!



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