New Year – New Start

Coming back after being off for christmas break was definitely a struggle….

Thankfully it was only a 2 day week! Getting stuck in I continued to highlight the wave 4 approved scripts for each of the characters and  created a breakdown page (I’ve explained previously). I triple checked them, twice on my own computer and once on a borrowed laptop, just to be sure highlights hadn’t moved and everything was correct!!

Some more tasks over the two day week were creating txt. files for Tim, helping Rebekah create the asset packs for Canada, finding the correct and most recent assets from the design teams folder! It was also noted that the locations on Frame IO were so out dated so I took it upon myself to upload the most recent locations I was finding on the server on to Frame IO.

Moving on from Claude, I had to help out with Lily’s Driftwood Bay again this week. Whenever the studio sends out the audio stems, there should be dialog stems, music and effects (M&E) , DME, Full mix, etc, etc…

So before the christmas break these stems were sent away and so we thought was the end of Lily! But it came back to Megan this week that the M&E stems had vocals in them, which shouldn’t be the case..

She then asked me to go through all 48 episodes and check the M&E audio stems for any vocals and then to cross check them against the actual finished video and scripts! Updating a excel sheet she passed along, so everything was noted including timings of vocals, names, and wether the episode had a singing or not.

Breaking in the first week DONE!

Here’s to the second week of the new year!


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