“I can do that” – Claude

I can do this!! Week 13 with friday the 13th over…

This week things have definitely started to pick up! Starting with the usual updating Frame IO with all of the design teams most recent work.  More minor tasks this week included uploading Disney’s feedback on expression sheets for some of the main characters to Frame IO also, printing off A3 templates of some of the characters and placing them around the studio for the design team.

At the end of the last week I had to go through some Lily’s Driftwood Bay episodes, all 48 of them to listen for vocals in the m&e audio stems, early this week Megan asked me to make it a priority to double possibly triple check!

More tasks came and went, picking up boxes in Argos, updating asset lists; adding newer file names, removing dropped assets and changing the layout to make it more easily read for the design team. The studio “Spring clean” happened too, I helped the Art Director Angie sort out all of the pieces that make Lily’s Driftwood Bay, rocks, seaweed, pebbles… anything you could possibly think of that could be found on the beach or along the coast. I think its pretty awesome  learning about how they create the show, seeing the real life objects that create the characters, props and locations! Definitely gives more of a edge design wise, I hadn’t realised the amount of time that actually went into show, every little detail has a purpose. (Very time consuming….)

Towards the end of the week I again helped Rebekah with the asset packs, three this week! It was full steam ahead!!




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