“It was rather tricky indeed”

Ahhh I’ve fallen behind again with these blog posts… It just seems pointless because I am writing about the same things each week.

Week 14

” It’s all about concentration and repetition. Thats all it is”

Continuing with the task of updating the asset sheets first this week, there isn’t much to say or explain..

Everything seems to be everywhere at the moment here, because Colin and Tim had those two weeks in London for the voice recordings. The studio have fallen back massively on approvals from them on basically everything, textures, props, locations…And because thats fallen behind everything has built up like a massive traffic jam thats came to stop because the traffic light only shines red. They’ve also hired out of house designers now too so we have to chase them up for PSD’s for each prop, location and costume and of course their designs. It’s been pretty much one thing after another, the week goes by in a millisecond.

With everything slowly boiling, Megan asked me to create a visual reference of every type of “flower” we have in the show so far! When the script writers mention a “bunch of flowers” or “bouquet of flowers” and even some more specific like “freesias”  or “roses” something is created each time when really we should be able to reuse most of them…So I got to open photoshop! (I know how exciting..)  and create this visual reference so now we have almost like a graph of every flower that we have already.

More minor tasks, uploading Disney’s feedback for; mouth shapes, expressions, textured versions of the characters! Creating staff folders for the out of house staff; forwarding their designs to the Art Director Angie for feedback. Helping set up a new slack (a messaging system); emailing all of the claude staff explaining how to join and why its been created.

Towards the end of the week, I again helped Rebekah with the asset packs being sent this week, I also created turnaround’s and a 3/4 stance comparison of the original design and the render of the rig test renders for the Animation Directors and Art Director to review.

I was also given a major task this week…

So since I began my placement there has been no space of the Claude server for the design team to have almost like a hub of their work, a place to update more recent files and templates for production or the directors to access. So Megan has asked me to come up with a server system, to move everything created for Claude on to the server! (Massive and time consuming) I began this week with the locations! I’ll use Claude’s house for example;

112 Waggy > (choice of key locations or secondary locations) > (INT/EXT) >

and maybe you need a kitchen view 3?

INT> Kitchen / Hallway / Living room/ > Kitchen > View 1/ View 2/ View 3 > View 3

in each view of a certain LOC it will have the most recent PSD and two templates; 1 clean and one with characters for scale reference! It will also have a WIP and Adaptions folder! In each WIP folder there will be all the old psds and templates, in the Adaption folder there will be more folders categorised per episode for example maybe there was decorations in the kitchen for a party for episode 134

View 3 > Adaptions > 134 > WIP/ Adaptions

and of course each of the adaptions will also have the most recent PSD and two templates; 1 clean and one with characters for scale reference, WIP and Adaption folders.

Hopefully this makes sense…

So over the rest of this month and probably next I will be creating this system for every location and then creating a similar system for props and characters/costumes!

Step 1 – chasing up designers for PSD’s and creating the clean and character scale reference templates.





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