“Thinking too long about doing something is often the reason it never gets done”

Week 15

From my last post you can probably already tell I’ve been working flat out on the server system.  With most of the locations finished I made a start on the Props part of the server!

Sending out emails asking for PSD’s and waiting, while I created a system

Props > Episodic Props / Key props >

Episodic props pretty much explains itself, there will be a pile of different folders based on episode then in each folders for each prop and a WIP folder for older versions.

The Key props folder pretty much explains itself too…

This task has become more time consuming that I first realised! I never did my usual minor tasks at all this week but was asked to focus on this.

Towards the end of the week I was pretty much left waiting with nothing to do.. I helped Rebekah by creating more turnarounds and 3/4 comparisons for more rig test characters! Then I was asked how well could I edit..

Moving to the top floor has been exciting! I’ve been helping the Editor Andrew break down the voice recordings. Using Premiere I got to go through every recording for every character per episode and take snippets to add to a EXTRA AUDIO folder for more generic things that could be reused in future episodes.

Again a very time consuming task…


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