“He wiggled and jiggled all over until he was almost a blur”

Week 18

Again catching up with the server system this week! Getting the PSD files off the designers, I finally got the props and costume section up to date!!

Another time consuming task this week was to make sure the master asset list was 100% up to date in comparison to the break downs for each episode. I was asked to specifically look at the episodes that have sent asset packs!

More minor tasks were; to create more turnaround and three quarter comparisons for more rig tests, line checking for a short “Under The Stairs” animatic, copying all of the sprout audio stems of the second season of Lily’s Driftwood Bay into a master folder for Megan and creating  wetransfer links, updating the prop asset lists with images for each prop, highlight dialogue the final script of wave 4 for Claude.

At the end of the week we had a production meeting, more of a catch up of where things are production wise and also some changes that will be happening in the next few weeks. More design staff are being hired and will be divided into teams! Hypothetically for now, over the next few months one team will be working on a assets the first week while the second time will be doing clean ups from the week before and vice versa! This will hopefully clear our back log and get things really flowing through the factory.

I also had my first time helping out at 3D Dojo!! It was so much fun, its really got me excited to get back into the more creative side which I have been thinking about! Some friends and I are meeting on wednesday to discuss starting our own short!!


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