Pinkalicious and Peteriffic

6th March 2017

Final month!

This week I was very much spread thin across two shows, Claude as you know and Pinkalicious & Peteriffic!

Firstly working on Claude this week;

  • I created more character templates, more templates to be sent to Disney in the pack, updated smartsheet and frame IO.
  • Comparing Claudes recording to the scripts once again!

Pinkalicious & Peteriffic


Vicky (the production manager on Pinkalicious) asked me to help out with the new and upcoming show for WBGH. The Pinkalicious book series is a series of books written and illustrated by Victoria Kann and is now been created into a tv series by Sixteen South!!! The narrative surrounds a girl called Pinkalicious and is told in first person narrative; each episode will have a learning objective for kids. Familiarising myself with the narrative, pilot (which has already been created),  the style and feel for the show as well was essential to hopefully becoming a reliable member of the team and not just a “helping hand” for a few days.

This series had really filled my time up this week!!

  • I had to create a PSD file of each shot in the pilot on a new layer;
    • Background file name on each shot
    • Printed A3 for Jay (director)
    • And also a email transfer for Jay for the reminder shots because he had to leave early to catch a train!
    • If there were some locations that I was missing I had to look through bridge on their server for any locations not used in the pilot.
  • I had to organise Pinka’s basecamp into categories, by adding the following to the threads posted i.e
    • Props; PR DES
    • Locations: BG DES
    • Characters/costumes: CH DES
    • Scripts/ scene by scene/ premise: TXT
    • Music/tracklays: AU
  • Following the task I got my first go at script breakdowns, which really explains itself in the title… Reading through scripts and updating the trackers on what props/ characters/costumes and backgrounds were in the scripts.
  • Updating the asset lists was another priority this week in the Pinka project; adding page numbers and the exact line in which a prop was mentioned; into columns beside each asset.

On top of the above I had to cover reception for Ant!! Talk about being spread thin…

The weeks seem to disappear with a blink of the eye. Working on two different projects its become really aware to me how different productions work, depending on the manager obviously but there is definitely a different workflow. What I originally thought was a insight to the industry working with the amazing Claude team is slowly broadening while working on both projects and each day seems to bring another learning curve or another aspect of production.



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