‘Sir Bobblysock needed a BIG cup of tea from just looking at him…’

27th February 2017

These blog posts are so repetitive… I’m sure if anyone reads this you know whats coming next;

Weekly tasks;

  • Creating templates for the pack being sent to Disney
  • Creating finalised character templates for any final approved rendered character designs.
  • Creating rig test templates; i.e 3/4 comparison and turnarounds for some of the characters
  • Updating Frame IO animatics with the newer versions.
  • Comparing the recording session with Claude to the highlighted scripts to make sure nothing fell through any cracks.
  • Updating the trackers for whats been sent to Disney/ whats been given feedback/ whats approved.
  • Updating Frame IO with last weeks asset packs
  • Updating the server system for all approved assets/ props/ locations & characters
  • Upload Angie and Colin’s feedback to frame IO & Smart sheet, again further updating the trackers.

My major task this week was to create/design the pitch bible for ‘Under The Stairs’

Taking the information given along with some artwork I created a 20(ish) paged bible to be sent to NI Screen! Getting into something more creative really pushed this week along so quickly, inbetween all of the minor tasks here and there this was my main focus.

Because I was given all the information all I had to do was make it look good, keep to the style of the series and hopefully pull across the narrative and feel for the show.

At the end of the week the creators joined us in studio to lift my design and loved it!! Hopefully I’ll be able to show this May 3rd at the presentations.


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