“Everything was Pinkaperfect!”

20th March 2017

Everything does seem to be perfect! The last few weeks have completely blurred into one but I feel like I’ve finally “fit in” so to say… I think I’m doing good now as a production assistant! (Hopefully) I’m really enjoying my time here at Sixteen South, I’ll be sad to leave…

Again, working across the two project Claude & Pinkalicious;


  • Working ahead with the script printing again was pretty key this week in any time I had to spare, I want to leave knowing that I will still contributed to work weeks after I’ve left.
  • Creating templates for the weekly Disney pack, working off the smart sheet’s Angie has marked “to be sent”
  • Cross checking every asset pack sent with the work on our server and frame IO, to be sure the most recent versions are available.


  • After getting feedback from Vicky on the Basecamp organising I done with Michael, I quickly changed it to suit, only having relevant files was the main comment!!
    • Starting with characters; Generic/Episodic (CH DES)
    • Backgrounds (BG DES)
    • Props (PR DES)
  • Asset breakdown again for another script, again further updating all of the trackers on the server and following up;
  • Updating Trello board for the props.
  • Saving desapp jpgs off all the approved characters to date, A3 & A4 and organising into folders so the design team and directors have easy access.
  • Cross referencing the voice recording sessions with the scripts, making any changes if necessary to the scripts and saving it as a tracklay version.
  • The design team on pinka keep reference of any image of texture they use, on the server we have the generic/ mostly used image reference but a lot of them outsource images so Michael keeps track of whats been used on a “Image referencing tracker” – which he has kindly left for me to keep up to date! I cracked on without hesitance.
  • Printing off all the finalised scripts for Jay the director, including the tracklay scripts I had done earlier that week.

Along with the production work this week I was asked to do a design test for a prop on the show!! ( I KNOW) (SO EXCITING)

Keeping with their style and constantly bringing into the background to see if it fit was my main strategy when designing the prop,  haven been looking through whats been created already for the show in the past two weeks, I had a idea of what was needed. It was so fun getting to draw again, I felt so fancy using one of the studios massive drawing tablets!! Learning from the course feedback is always good so I kept bugging the art director James to look at my design and what could I do to make it better and he was more than willing to help and guide me along, giving feedback and addressing it after I finished.

Hopefully I’ll be able to bring this along to the presentation on the 3rd!





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