Some Pieces done for the portfolio based on doodles from the sketch book!


Practicing Digital art! Forgot to post these up, from various projects

Kepler Ribose Interactive Week 2

After all the planning in the first week, this week was more putting the final production together.  We not only started to create scene’s for the interactive tour but we also began looking at user interfaces and ways for the user to track their progress. Thinking how we would connect it and design it to fit our concept. As said before we loved the style of our typography work, the anatomy drawings, the colour scheme, sound effects and just the overall eery feel to it. With this in mind we wanted the final outcome to look unique, one of a kind.


Creating the main background in photoshop was easy and simple, although I did find it difficult to adjust the sketches on top of it to give it a sense of depth.


We experimented a lot with the look of the scenes in after effects, trying to add in the colour scheme from the typography project proved to be difficult.


After asking opinions from other groups and friends the feedback we where given was that it didn’t work, it wasn’t clear that it was a hallway! They mentioned that the background looked like a sky, the hallway looked like some sort of bridge too so we ditched the idea of keeping to the pervious colour scheme.


Above is a screenshot of the final first scene created for the interactive tour.

Adding in surfaces for the floor and creating walls and a celling through colouring helped a lot to portray that it was in fact a hallway scene. Using after effects for the first time was definitely changeling but I really enjoyed it. We added some effects, like lights for a more effective look and sound of course to add to the whole user experience.

The link above should redirect you for our main inspiration for the menu idea. Natasha created the main based around the storyline, using a foetus in a tube as the main vocal point.

To track progression, with inspiration again from Pottermore we used a simple layout.


Designed by Kerry, it’s a simple page you can track how much of the story you have completed an how much is still there to unlock. You would be able to scroll along and see how far you have come or to look back on previous chapters in case you’ve missed any clues.

As you can see we used the type face we created in the typography project, throughout this project too. We didn’t want previous work to be wasted or lost and tried to incorporate it as much as we could!

Credit for stephan as well for creating a basic game on to show how the user would interact with the tour!

Below are two more screenshots of the other two scenes;



After presenting our work, the feedback we where given is we didn’t accomplish the look of the multi plane camera, although maybe that wasn’t what we thought we wanted to achieve. I think the 3D look look we aimed for, we kind of accomplished maybe not to our best but if we had more time maybe we could have! We also where told the mouse was too electronic, and too make it more fluid.