New Narratives Week 1

Beginning the new term with a bang! Day one starting back after christmas and stuck into work already. We were introduced to the module new narratives. I’m really excited to see how it unfolds it seems to be a interesting topic.  Last week we covered what the module would entail and we were given a few tasks to get the ball rolling or should i say bouncing?

Our task was to create three rigged bouncing balls conveying different emotions; angry, happy and sad. We were also told to look at Jonas the lamp and to follow a tutorial on how to make him jump. I found it difficult at the beginning to get the hang of rigging but with time I think I’ve cracked the code for now. I really enjoyed the task because it gave me a insight to body language studies and how emotions are conveyed. It also gave me a insight to how difficult it must be to rig a character, although I do really enjoy learning more about the animation principles, and how they’re used in every ounce of animating. Below is the outcome of my bouncing balls and first attempt at Jonas:

And also some of the links I used when planning the animation:

Not only did we have the animating task but we were also told to read Christopher Vogler’s – The Writers Journey, which I highly recommend! It was so interesting to read, I found it to be guidelines on how to write a perfect narrative. It was definitely a insight into character concepts and story lines. It seems that this decodes many great films! It has never been so clear to me how narratives in film and tv shows are so similar. Looking into some of Vogler’s inspirations such as Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung  was also really interesting because I had the chance to see where it all began. A 5-6 minute presentation based on three assigned chapters of the book was due today (a week later).

Links used in sourcing out information: