Final Compositing Project


Final editing

Editing the groups clips all together was so much fun! I loved seeing it slowly but surely coming together! We decided on using Epic Score – They Hit Without Warning as our soundtrack to go with the footage. We found it on the playlist below;

Magic beans, wait I mean beams..

Following the tutorial above I gave the throwing magic beams a go, I tried my best..

I’m happy with the attempt above for my first go, but I know the one below needs more work;

Not being a expert in after effects this project is proving to be challenging and a lot of trial and error.


When things get tough, the tough get going…

Compositing is a lot more difficult than I expected! It’s been a learning curve.


Learning from watching other’s helps me a lot, I found these tutorials below to help create the black smoke material I was hoping to create for the magic building inbetween Ryan’s hands in the footage;

Working with fluid’s was definitely a first for me, I did struggle a lot with it but I tried my hardest to get the look I wanted.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 17.04.42

Bringing it into scene in after effects I duplicated the layer, and added effects to some of the others. I experimented with trapcode particular but decided against it and used video copilot optic flares to add a little more energy to the smokey mystery.


Below is the final outcome;

I’m not entirely happy with the outcome but again I have to remember it’s a learning curve. I’m excited to learn more about this in the next semester.


Step 1 and 2: planning and filming

Plans never seem to follow through! Last week we met up and agreed on a story board and brief shot list but things never work out do they?

After getting ready before dawn we made our way round to the place we wanted to film as the sun was rising but with many cars and people walking to work it seemed impossible to even get one shot filmed so we improvised and packed our bags and made our way to Crawfordsburn Country Park! Below is the first edit I’ve done of our compositing project! Sound special effects and more editing is yet to be done but I think it’s a huge step in the right direction.

Looking into sound as well now we all thought the audio for Assassin’s Creed was great;


And I also found this pretty creepy chase scene music;


Lets get started!

Starting to look into our next part of the creative development project – compositing!


Getting our narrative settled, we’ve agreed to do a chase scene but in the end the roles are reversed and the fox is now the hound so to speak. I’m really excited to get this story boarded out and get a shot list going! We’re aiming to film next week so all of the prep work will or hopefully will be done for friday so we can film on monday! Looking into the after effects part of the project, I found some pretty awesome video’s on youtube for inspiration on how we should do it and what kind of look are we going for;