Stuck in

From our inspirations seen in the last blog post I decided to start looking into the layout of the scene;


We divided the scene between us, 3 people who want to model the alleys and then 1 person who wanted to model the entry way.

Happily I got the entry way! Above is a doodled layout of what the plan is!

I started to model my first building!;

The inspiration for this building came from some of the pieces off our Pinterest board ;

But more specifically the flash game:

Machinarium – The Steampunk Empire developed by Amanita Design


With some minor problems like things floating away from the base of the building, and scale which was pointed out as something to think about. It was suggested to create a cube/cylinder at 1.8 cm (if working in cm) as a reference for a human at a rough height of 180cm.

Adjusting the model to suit didn’t take long. I know some might say the building in size compared to the door is too big but we agreed as a team and wanted everything to be elongated and expanded to create a un natural kind of feeling, so it would be obvious it is a different world, place.

It was also came clear to us that uv mapping would be much easier if our buildings weren’t combined into one mesh, so as a mutual agreement we decided to just group them in the outliner.

Talking to Alec he gave me some pretty cool concept artists based around our kind of style.

He suggested looking into Bioshock 1/2;

Created and owned by 2K Games.

He also suggested looking into Peter Chan, a concept artist who worked on multiple films and games.

I’ve really fallen in love with some of his concept’s he is definitely a inspiration, I’m excited now to start with another model!


A steamy beginning

A new beginning with a new project!

The next project we were given is;

a modelling project – which we have to base off a piece of concept art.

a animating project – different animations such as a walk cycle, running,                                              getting up and off a seat and possibly facial.

and a chosen project which I picked compositing!

Here I’ll be posting about the modelling part, in which we’re building a scene.

Getting straight into it Me, Ryan, Shannon and Stephen have joined together.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 20.33.56.png…lroy9/steamnpunk-landscape

Straight off the bat I loved the idea of doing something in the style of steampunk! Luckily so did my group!!

After brain storming we finally came to a decision on the scene we want to model;

small narrow cobbled streets with maybe a train tracks included, and in the middle of these 3 streets is like a circular square with a signpost, everything would be really detailed and thought of.

Here are some concepts that I personally love;


Its done by a artist – ZERG118 on Deviant Art


By artist Sparth – ArtStation


By artist Paul Lasaine

Also while traveling through Europe over the summer, I went to see the hundertwasser haus while in Vienna!

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the artist had designed the building seen below;


I’m not sure if it’s very clear but on the right side of my photo you can see that the cobbled path is raised. The paving wasn’t flat! I would love to incorporate this into our scene somehow! I think this building as a whole will also be a inspiration for me when coming up with concept art for this scene.

Final Animation

So there we are the final outcome of this project! I’ve loved every minute of it! Taking the final feedback on board I re animated the head movement in the beginning to make it less robotic and Kerry added the falling leaf into the titles, we could probably change a lot more of it if the time was there but I’m really happy with it, sooo with that all said…. I now officially present – Pain in the Neck