I was never good with words and creating the cv and cover letter scared me. So many thoughts came flooding in whenever I started creating the cv – I don’t have much industry experience well not the right industry experience, I don’t know who to direct it too yet, do I add in my education? It has to be short right?

After many thoughts I finally just knuckled down and created this based off of samples I found online;


CV Research

It was suggested  this week we looked into cv’s for the industry! What and how to write something down on paper. Below is some cool websites that helped me understand and also some creative ways other’s have created theirs and real cv’s examples;

Your CV should be clear and relevant as all your work when preparing for interviews or employability. Always remember;

  • to add your contact information in a place that won’t be over looked.
  • Give a brief description of what you did when listing previous experience.
  • Chronological order – latest at the top with dates
  • Your personal statement should be directed towards whatever company you are sending your cv to
  • Mention what skills you have and what software you have experience using, possibly a rating system.
  • Leave out hobbies
  • Mention any awards

Questions where asked if we should mention our education, GCSE’S/A Level’s to fill the space of lack of experience most of us have or don’t have…

We were divided into groups and each group made a super cv! It was really useful because it gave us a idea of what we should be aiming towards when creating our own professional one. It was also suggested we start looking into the design of websites and create our on url! Below are some sites I found;