“Hold my tail please,” Claude said to the man, and together they dog-paddled back to shore.

This week again was intense with highlighting the scripts, taking on more feedback about problems with the footers and headers, grammar and spelling, I mended each script to the best of my ability. Moving each script on to the server including a break down page, I don’t think I mentioned that in my last post, but with each character a “break down” was given; a record of each script the character speaks in; what pages they speak on and a line count. There is also a smart sheet online to keep record of how many lines each character should have per script, so updating that was priority too! It was also clear that naming conventions for the scripts were unclear, so with a spare hour I went through each of the 4 drafts, for 22 episodes and the 11 shorts and made sure the naming conventions were consistent and that each script had the correct title page and title on the server.

More minor tasks in-between the chaos, emailing the second half of the audio stems to VP Post, emailing Colin and Tim packages for the weekly review and updating the asset sheets accordingly and of course emailing out the feedback given to the design team. I organised Frame IO costumes in order per episode, because of the amount of work thats gathering it’s seemingly getting harder to keep track!! Megan suggested that I create my own excel sheet to keep track of the progress, it has helped massively because it’s a lot clearer to see with the lay out whats been missed, approved or given feedback rather than a quickly growing list of web links.

Towards the end of the week I jumped on to the next batch of BITEC export scripts and music que sheets which needed to be finished for early the following week!

Sooo much to do in such little time….