The last impression – The Finale

My last week!! I honestly have to say the past 6 months have flew by… Where has the time went?

27th March 2017


  • Continuing with printing off wave 4 scripts for each character
  • Creating templates for the weekly Disney pack again based of what Angie (art director) wants to send.
  • The backtracking is still happening with the design team, rushing ahead Megan asked me to backtrack through past emails to see what was sent to Colin for review and creating a list of what was missed.


  • Going through final draft files and cross referencing them with the finalised scripts – changing if needed.
  • Created a spreadsheet with “Pinka moment” (a imaginary moment in most scripts where Pinkalicious imagination comes to life on screen) Page number, line, and what summary of what happens from each scripts.
  • Using Cellaction, I had to go through the animation files used for the pilot and render out key poses for all the main characters in the show, render out pngs and created psd files with a white background layer for each, resizing the poses to 300 resolution.
  • Again with Cellaction,I had to go through the animation files used for the pilot and render out key locations this time into jpgs.
  • Michael created a book log a few weeks back, just keeping track of what copies of what stories we have a hardcopy, softcopy or nothing of! My mission was to update this and list links and prices for any books we didn’t have a hard copy of.
  • I had to create a template for review, differently to Claude, this project create a pdf breakdown almost with all props for that review. Feedback was given that the template was too distracting of the designs so Michael got me to create a very basic and plain layout for this weeks review. Feedback was further given and of course I addressed the issues for the next PDF that followed not long after.

My last week over at Sixteen South.. or so I thought!!

Vicky (production manager on Pinkalicious) has kindly asked me to stay on to help them for the next month or so, part time!!!! (HOW EXCITING)

I obviously accepted the offer, I’m pleased to think I’ve become┬ábeneficial to the team and my time here has not been wasted! I also realise how lucky I am to receive such a great experience, it honestly was a offer I couldn’t not accept.