‘This book is full of great drawings which will make you smile’

Week 4..

This week was flat out with the BITEC export of scripts and music que sheet notes. They all needed to be sent for the end of the week so it was all systems go!!! This pretty much took up all of my time this week since Rebekah couldn’t help, this first half needed to be complete asap!

Another than that pernickety and time stealing task, I helped organise the production folders for Megan with all the finalised and approved scripts for Claude. Making sure each had the correct title page and the newest addition.

Going through the package sent to Colin and checking to make sure that everything sent was reviewed (if not adding to the next package) and updating each episode’s asset list if there had been feedback or approval. I also decided that it would probably be a good idea to send emails to each person of the design team if their design had got feedback or approval, that way nothing was missed! We then had our weekly review, again the exact same system as I’ve mentioned before;

Sitting with Tim and the design team taking notes – uploading and commenting Tim’s feedback – creating a package for Colin.

Something pretty exciting happened this week (saving the best for last..) A guy called Steve came to visit Sixteen South from Boulder to teach the design team and animation directors the basics of – TOOM BOOM!!!!!

Guess who got to sit in…


I got the chance to sit through the talk with Steve during this week and go through the layout and what toom boom offers users! It was super interesting and kind of got me missing doing the creative side of this industry to be honest….