Push yourself or you will fade to the background

The third speaker of the semester was Mr Gavin Moran!! A senior animator at Epic Games and director of the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo ‘A Boy and his Kite’.


The link above is a awesome breakdown and behind the scenes of the creation. After speaking with us about this project, he then gave us a taste for his workspace.

  • All his work is project based. Nobody wants to work with somebody they dislike or somebody who doesn’t “fit in” well. It’s not all about wether you’re the best at something but if you’re going to join and click with the crew, you need to be the good guy!
  • When hiring for longer deadline projects it’s something that employers take into consideration, “Will you be able to stick this person for years…” As for short time employability it’s less of a problem. They don’t necessary care, just get the job done.
  • Showreels should never be more than 2 minutes long, the shorter the better and always and only put your best work! Make it entertaining!
  • Stop using comedy clips for lip syncs!!!
  • Don’t get comfortable, always be willing and eager to learn new skills – “Push yourself or you will fade into the background”
  • Things are forever changing in this industry and it’s up to you if you want to keep up.
  • Be passionate!
  • Why copy other peoples work, be different, make something of your own.