“You gotta raise your VOICE”

Our forth speaker of the semester was a old friend of Greg’s – Karin Cooper, a visual effects artist from Germany but she now lives and works in the states. Talking with her was great and hearing her experiences in the industry was awesome! She spoke about one of her most recent projects – The Revenant, it was fRickin* amazing!!

After telling us about her journey in the industry and a massive insight technically to The Revenant, the q&a part of the talk give us a chance to pick her brain!

  • She spoke about the importance of feedback, how you have to be open to criticism, how you have to be patient when working on a scene because you could be working on a single detail for long periods of time and be told that it’s not good enough or told what to change but it’s all part of the industry,  its learning and bettering yourself constantly.
  • A question was asked if she felt like moving to the states to get into the industry was a good idea, for work or for placement. She explained that it used to be that way but now the industry is global. You can literally go anywhere you like. There is always the option of working from home for a company, you don’t necessarily have to work in house these days.
  • She then went on to tell us that she thinks starting in London is a good point if you do want to make it to the states.
  • For employment she also said it doesn’t matter if you’re a generalist or a specialist. If your work is really good then whats the problem? Your personality is also a big factor (like other guest speakers explained) if you have people skills and a good showreel you can do anything!
  • She then went on to tell us that there aren’t many barriers and you can cross anything as long as you’re given the chance.
  • Being a woman in the industry can be hard, because it is male dominant there is almost a underestimating approach with girls. Although she explained that girls communicate better! In meetings when people speak  80% of it is “hot air”,  do not feel intimidated to all that “tech talk”
  • “You gotta raise your voice”
  • “if you want something go after it”