Persistence helps – but in a nice way

Our sixth guest speaker  of the semester was the lovely Laura Livingstone, producer at Ntropic. Originally from Armagh and studied in Dublin she told us about her foot into the industry which was definitely different to the speakers before. In her course in Dublin she was the go to producer for all the projects. After her course she moved to Spain and Germany then on to LA interning, where she worked on development work. She explained when projects fell through and she was broke and jobless. She took chances and went for interviews when she knew she wasn’t qualified enough for them. She basically locked herself away and learnt for herself. Her persistence was amazing and she ended up getting a job in visual effects and post production and got to work on Iron man! Which she thinks was her big break, her foot in the industry. She had worked for many companies within the past few years, her future plans are to get back into feature films. I found her story was very inspiring because she told us about her problems in detail and spoke about the reality of things and it all seemed very recent.

She went on to give us great advice;

  • Do only what the client asks of you
  • “Be easy going” 
  • “Communication is key”
  • “Persistence helps” – Be persistent but not too persistent, you don’t want to come across rude or creepy. Be friendly with whoever you are contacting.
  • Always research into whatever company you are applying to or contacting, find something or someone you admire and try to contact them may it be for feedback, advice or a opportunity.
  • Never lie about your skill levels
  • Keep up to scratch with software skills, keep developing yourself.
  • Some companies don’t advertise jobs so don’t be afraid to ask!