The House on wheels

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I’ve finally got it completed!!! I know it’s been a massive jump from my last blog post but everythings been everywhere..

Before completing the model some of the first years shared some artists with me;

Lina Lindgren was one of them;

001002 (1)

Her piece Cardboard heaven is amazing! I loved how it looks like all these houses stacked up and pushed together. The overlapping, quirkiness and misshapes were definitely something that inspired me.

Another artist Davide Magliacano;


Desolate monuments of a decadent civilization, crowded climbing and clinging to the sky in hectic search for a crack for a breath of air. In the enormous deserted buildings from time to time you will discover traces of life. The brisk pace of the windows and balconies is interrupted by a flag, clothes hanging, smoke from a fireplace, a shadow along a corridor suspended in nothingness. The dark bowels of every “Babel” teeming with busy life and shy, which animates every corner of the structures with traces of everyday life. Layers of civilization and architectural styles coexist side by side expressing their individuality and belonging without prevail over others in a constant succession of colors and shapes that find harmony in their chaos.

Getting the model finished and to high standard with a great topology was my aim! Below is a playblast, model and wireframe turntable render;


Throwback inspirations


I took this photo above a year and a half ago when my friend and I visited Amsterdam. Having a major throwback and looking through old photos it reminded me of this project, I’m planning on using it as inspiration and also using elements of this building in my model.

Looking at progress I’ve managed to model the platform for my moving house;

I think it’s back to the drawing board first though before modelling the building. I want to get the design right!

A lightbulb suddenly appeared


Over the weekend Alec shared some of Pablo Gonzalez Bellozas work with me. Below is;

The house that rolled 

It reminded me of our last project based around the style of steampunk.

I pretty much fell in love with the model and style, and excitedly created mood board on Pinterest of similar work;

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.19.46.png

I found myself sketching out different model ideas, I messaged Alec about the idea of creating something similar for my showreel! He agreed that it was a good idea, so I’m currently working on concepts for the piece. Alec suggested to also look into rendering with Renderman and shared this with me;

I think it’s a great opportunity to learn how to use Renderman and hopefully get a awesome model and turntable for my showreel!