20th february 2017

I’ve ran out of funny titles….

Basically nearly 1 month to gooooo!!!

Because my time is nearly over at Sixteen South I’m determined to make myself as useful as possible, I’m really enjoying my time here and the people are excellent! So as part of my goodbye I want to push ahead with more time consuming tasks so Rebekah and Megan aren’t swamped without me!

Working ahead I started to print 4 copies of each script highlighted per character for wave 4 (even though the voice recordings are well over two months away, this task stressed the whole studio out so better to be down now rather than later) ! I also created the breakdown page like the old highlights before christmas; line count and page breakdown per script.  I highlighted the final script for wave 4 too (for each character) and again repeated the above.

Some smaller tasks during the week included sending files to Sardine, contacting Regency Print & Design about pricing for the creation of a pitch bible for “under the stairs”

The Pitch Bible is a tool that helps convey your concept. It is a tool to help you present and is a leave-behind to trigger the decision makers memory.

Again the basic weekly tasks, writing up animatic’s feedback from Disney on to Frame IO for the design and animation team to see. Uploading more completed animatic’s and forwarding to Colin to post feedback.

  • Updating additional backgrounds for the asset pack this week,  making sure that last weeks asset pack (designs) were uploaded to frame IO, also including things that were sent to Disney.
  • Creating templates, turnaround and 3/4 comparisons of the render and original design for some of the main characters.
  • Printing off scripts for a meeting with Colin and Angie (art director)
  • Printing off all locations to date A4 for the meeting above too.
  • Preparing scripts for Claude’s third recording session a.k.a highlighting lines in each script, printing and creating a breakdown & callsheet.
  • Creating templates for the Disney pack being sent Monday, locations/costumes and props.