Creating my Showreel

Creating my first professional showreel is so daunting! First things first was to get a rough mock up of it with pieces of work I considered to be good, narrow it down and add music! Below was my first cut;

After  showing to more students and teachers in the class I gained a mix of feedback;

  • Cutting the clips on beat
  • Maybe take out all the live action footage- make a separate showreel?
  • Raise the audio for the lip sync – maybe mute the music and bring it back in after
  • Music is too distracting
  • Put your best stuff first
  • It’s too long
  • Add wireframe
  • Lighting on models need to be brighter
  • Animation needs worked on
  • Take out baby animation “it’s the weakest”

From that I knew I had to be brutal and change a lot. It’s tough because what you think is good might not be to others. Taking on feedback and criticism is a opportunity to improve, it’s what all of our guest speakers spoke about and it’s what we’ve been learning to improve on in the past two years. Below was my final showreel before our mock interviews;

Looking back I do think the feedback helped a lot, I know it’s not the strongest showreel but in time it will get better! I know I want to fix a few things after this semester;

  1. I want to wireframe my other models (I need to tidy the topology on them)
  2. I’m hoping to continue UV mapping the house on wheels and texture it over the break.
  3. I want to fix my animations
    1. I want to work further on the baby animation, adding weight and anticipation
    2. The lip sync;
      1. The arm jolts slightly and doesn’t look organic
      2. Some of the mouth shapes need held longer
      3. Her head moves a bit floaty
      4. I need to act it out more to make the movement in a whole more organic

But for now I’ll focus on mock interviews and completing my other projects in time for hand in, the fun stuff can wait!


Showreel research

We’ve been told to start researching into showreels below are some I’ve found online;

Also some interesting reads I’ve found;

It seems like all the points are very clear! We discussed it further in class and it seems like everybody agrees – To make a good showreel you have to;

  1. Make it clear
  2. Demonstrate your work to it’s best
  3. Make YOU look the best
  4. Don’t ever let sound/music distract your work
  5. Don’t make your reel repetitive
  6. Build ups are good
  7. Make it clear what you done in each clip
  8. Breakdowns are always a plus
  9. Make it personal
  10. Don’t ever render anything using sun and sky!!!
  11. Make sure you leave contact info