Finishing off Silence of the Lambs project

Over the last two days of this project, we put together another timeline for a minor character called miggs; (as he is a obstacle in the case of the writers journey that Clarice has to overcome)

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 19.05.43

We based him on a woman called Helen who had multiple personality disorder below are the different parts to a documentary a childhood friend filmed on her;

As well as that I got stuck into the editing for the final artifact.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 21.18.46 Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 21.20.25

I always find it useful to ask other’s for opinions while editing. Getting new eyes to watch something fresh to see if you’re on the right way. We also explored music and sound alot and came across the perfect song to mix in with Hans Zimmers – Hannibal.

After asking friends and family for opinions and critical advice, the team decided that it was finally finished. (see below)

I’m pretty happy with the outcome! I think we managed to pull off our main concept for it although some of the shots and animations had to be changed. Our feedback was consistency, it was obvious that different people were doing different animations. As for the schematic, we were told to make it join together more because it is difficult to see were it all joins together. I think we done pretty well!


New Narratives: Week 2 + 3 Silence of the Lambs Schematic and Artifact

In class last week we looked over film art, film making and film form. I love this subject and have been interested in it for a few years now creating short films of my own. At the end of the class we were given the movie that we would have to create on screen and off screen timelines for the characters and a artifact based on the film. I’m super happy that we were given Silence of the Lambs as I’ve seen it multiple times before. Over the weekend after much analysing on the characters and the narrative of the film we were able to start creating the timelines, the others done the main characters while I worked on the secondary characters. A lot of research was also put into the background behind the creation of the characters, and who they were based on. We also tried to connect them to The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler.

Dr. Frederick Chilton - Support Process Frank Crawford  - Support Process Catherine Martin - Support Process

We wanted to get the timelines finished as soon as possible to save time for the artifact which with a mutual decision would be a montage (hopefully with a title and the end). We started to look at different shot ideas and ended up agreeing that the majority of it would be animated with a mix of documentary footage through out of Ed Gein the serial killer who influenced the film and the character Buffalo Bill.

image (10) copy 2 photo

After brainstorming idea’s we finally decided on the final animations that made the cut. It would begin with a record player playing classical or opera music (symbolic of hannibal’s well cultured and gentleman like traits) and a hand moving in time with the music (something Hannibal does in the film) and then moving on to a black and white silhouette animation of two girls running but one falls and the other turns back to help but bumps into Buffalo Bill who then turns into a Buffalo when chasing the girl, as she changes into a Lamb. Symbolic of Clarice’s childhood when she tried to save the lamb from being slaughtered but failed, Catherine is symbolic of the girl running with Clarice and changed into the lamb, the innocence is portrayed and the fear of not being able to save Catherine a.k.a the lamb again, from Buffalo Bill. The chase sequence comes to a end as the Buffalo explodes into moths before catching the lamb. A animation of Clarice’s and Hannibal’s face with the moth flying out would also be incorporated. The final animation is to be a title, with two ideas still on going, 1st; the title made from moths and 2nd; a skin peeling back and a name written in the blood.  Each of us took on different parts of the project. I dived into the beginning!

P.s below is a mood board created on Pinterest for inspiration on the project;

image (10) Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 17.04.26 hand practice 2 hand practice

Over the past few days I’ve been working on completing these animations. I recorded a reference video for the hand movements and tried my best to stick to the footage. Below are the final outcomes of both animations;


Today I also began to look at editing styles, and as a group i think we were all in agreement that it was to be creepy and sinister. I took cuts out of a documentary and tried to mix them in with the animation and sound effects with music! Below was the outcome;

Over the next two days, I’ll hopefully figure out what way to make the final artifact look the best editing wise and incorporate the rest of the animations  and footage, maybe using different music as well! Wish me luck!!!

Links used this week for information and footage/sound;